So guys, remember what Talbot said about a really moneyed senator willing to back Hunter to get to Coulson & SHIELD? Guess who the Senator is?

This just proves all the theory we had about the Wards being moneyed individuals who are well connected, rich (military school is not for everybody), but also only superficially perfect but hiding a dark personality. The type of family who would go to church every Sunday looking holier than thou, then break every moral rule once behind closed doors. No wonder they were so eager to wash their hands off their second son instead of protecting him from his older brother - the eldest son who is every bit as cruel, focused, and driven as they are, versus the second son who had to be forced to beat up the third son, and however can he ever survive the cutthroat politician’s world if he can’t even stand to hurt a fly?

We get yet another piece of Ward’s past coming into the present. Ward’s redemption arc might just be starting already!

Finally I’m getting excited about the show again!

This is exciting. If only they hadn’t picked the Tim DeKay, who spent the entirety of the White Collar series being a perfect FBI agent and dedicated father. I don’t know if I am going to be able to see him as a sadistic jerk.

"I know you’re the boss and you have to compartmentalize everything but it’s not healthy."

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No. It let you live.

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If you care about something you have to protect it.  - John Irving

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